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Disk-Based Indexing of Recent Trajectories

The plethora of location-aware devices has led to countless location-based services in which huge amounts of spatiotemporal data get created every day. Several applications require efficient processing of queries on the locations of moving objects over time, i.e., the moving object trajectories. This calls for efficient trajectory-based indexing... (more)

CellNet: Inferring Road Networks from GPS Trajectories

Road networks are essential nowadays, especially for people travelling to large, unfamiliar cities. Moreover, cities are constantly growing and road networks need periodic updates to provide reliable information. We propose an automatic method to generate the road network using a GPS trajectory dataset. The method, called CellNet, works by first... (more)

Hierarchical Spatial Aggregation for Level-of-Detail Visualization of 3D Thematic Data

Thematic maps are a common tool to visualize semantic data with a spatial reference. Combining thematic data with a geometric representation of their... (more)


ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems (TSAS) is a scholarly journal that publishes high-quality papers on all aspects of spatial algorithms and systems and closely related disciplines. The journal welcomes articles on any of the above topics or closely related disciplines in the context of various computing architectures including parallel and distributed networks of computers, multiprocessing computers, or new mobile devices and sensors. READ MORE

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